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Group training organisations employ apprentices and trainees and then place them with one or more ‘host businesses’ for the duration of their training. The group training organisation works closely with these host businesses to ensure you receive quality training, and also to provide any additional support to ensure they successfully complete your training qualification.

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Group Training Organisations make it as simple as possible for businesses to employ Apprentices and Trainees. Click below to find some of the benefits that help save you time and money!

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What is Group Training

Group Training is an employment and training arrangement where a Group Training Organisation (GTO) acts as the primary employer to apprentices and trainees and then places them with other businesses known as "host employers", whilst they are undertaking their formal training.

It provides a cost-efficient and administratively simple way for small to medium sized businesses to hire apprentices/trainees when this might otherwise not be possible. It also creates quality employment and training opportunities for career seekers providing a breadth of experience gained in a number of different enterprises.

The GTO arranges and monitors the on and off-the-job training and takes responsibility for all paperwork including wages, superannuation and other employee benefits.

The GTO ensures the quality and quantity of the apprentices' and trainees' employment training and experience by rotating where necessary from business to business.


Apprentice Emplyment Network, Western Australia is the peak body representing member Group Training Organisations in Western Australia. AEN WA was incorporated in 1993 as a not-for-profit Association.

AEN WA members are located throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia and they deliver services to a range of industries.

The Association provides a wide range of services and conducts a number of activities as part of our strategic plan to enhance the effectiveness of member Group Training Organisations. 

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AMA Apprenticeship & Training Services


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The Australian Medical Association (WA) and its associated entities provide a broad range of training services for business, the health sector and the community of Western Australia.

Australian Super


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As one of Australia’s largest industry funds, we use our strength, security and stability to deliver great retirement outcomes for more than 2 million members.

We also help over 190,000 Australian businesses manage their super obligations across almost every industry in Australia.

National Apprentice Employment Network


GPO Box 7051 SYDNEY NSW 2001


Phone: 1800 819 747

National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN) is the national association representing a network of around 100 group training organisations (GTOs) located throughout metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia.

Collectively the national network of group training organisations employs around 25,000 apprentices and trainees and over 100,000 businesses have used a group training organisation to manage the employment of their apprentices and trainees.

NAEN provides advocacy and professional development services for the GTO national network, working closely with the state group training associations. NAEN promotes the benefits of the group training model of apprentice and trainee employment and highlights the contribution of the group training network to skills development.



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Phone: 61 8 9348 4000

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