Apprentice Employment Network WA

The Apprentice Employment Network WA, is an association of Group Training Organisations (GTO) that manage employment and training arrangements, where the GTO acts as the primary employer for apprentices and trainees and places them with other businesses known as “host employers”, to undertake their formal training.

It provides a cost-efficient and administratively simple way for small to medium sized businesses to employ apprentices/trainees when this might otherwise not be possible. It also creates quality employment and training opportunities for career seekers by providing them with a breadth of experience in a number of different enterprises.

The GTO arranges and monitors the on and off-the-job training and takes responsibility for all paperwork including wages, superannuation and other employee benefits.

The GTO ensures the quality and quantity of the apprentices’ and trainees’ employment and training experience by rotating them, where necessary, from business to business.