What Apprentices and Trainees can Claim at TAX TIME!

‘Nail’ your deductions this tax time!

Not sure what deductions you can claim as an apprentice? Well, great news! The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have shared some helpful tips and resources to make tax time easier.

‘Can I claim that?’

Check out the ATO’s tailored occupation guide for Apprentices. It helps explain which deductions you can and can’t claim this year, as well as the income you’ll need to declare, and the records you need to keep. Even better, the guide has also been translated into other languages.

Keeping your records

Your glovebox filing system is great, but there’s an easier way. Download the ATO app and use the myDeductions tool for a fast and easy way to store your receipts and keep track of your records!

The ATO app is also one of the best ways to track the progress and outcome of your tax return after you’ve lodged.

Best time to lodge?

The best time to lodge is from late July, when most of your information from employers, banks and health funds has been automatically included in your tax return. All you’ll need to do is check the pre-filled information is correct, add any income that’s missing, and claim your deductions!

Remember, most tax returns lodged online take about two weeks to be processed.

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