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Apprenticeship support in real need according to Brotherhood of St Laurence

Group Training Australia (GTA) is pleased to see that a recent report by the Brotherhood of St Laurence on ways of boosting youth employment has specifically targeted the group training model as a critical way of linking young people with skilled jobs.

The report, ‘ Investing in our future: Opportunities for the Australian Government to boost youth employment’, recommends ongoing support for group training as a way of enabling businesses to take on young people without carrying undue employment risk.

The report details the positive features whereby group training organisations (GTOs) as the legal employers of apprentices and trainees, take on all the administrative and regulatory requirements and place them with ‘host’ businesses.

As the report observes, GTOs provide flexibility for apprentices to be rotated between host workplaces in response to varying business needs.

“GTOs provide the critical components proven to maximise the chances of successful completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship: pre-placement training, matching of the young person and the host employer, placement mentoring and pastoral care, and support for the host employer to provide a safe and supportive environment,” the report says.

The Chief Executive Officer of GTA, Jim Barron said it was very encouraging to see the many benefits of group training acknowledged in such a significant report, which mirrors key points in GTA’s own 2014-15 budget submission and policy document.

“Clearly there are real opportunities for government to better utilise the group training network to address long term issues associated with getting young people into skilled careers, especially among small and medium sized businesses which may be reluctant to undertake training,” Mr Barron said.

The report also says that securing ongoing national funding for the Joint Group Training Program (JGTP) is critical to the survival of GTOs and their ability to create more apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

See the Brotherhood of St Laurence report, ‘Investing in our future’.

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