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Skills formation a national priority

Group Training Australia (GTA) is strongly of the view that vocational education and training and skills formation is a national economic priority.

As such we believe that the national government should be actively engaged both in policy and investment decisions.

GTA was commenting on the National Commission of Audit (NCA) recommendation that responsibility for vocational education and training (VET) be handed back to the states, and that the Commonwealth withdraw from all programs that support apprentices.

“Such a vacation of the market would undoubtedly cause considerable disruption and dislocation to the likes of micro, small and medium-sized businesses, and the thousands of apprentices and trainees they employ,” the Chief Executive Officer of GTA, Jim Barron said today.

“GTA welcomes any debate that seeks to deliver better policy outcomes, better value for taxpayers, and which ultimately strengthens the community and the skills base of the country The NCA report is now part of that broader debate.

“However we urge the government to continue to take a national leadership role in producing strong VET policy outcomes and appropriate and well-targeted investment in national skilling and VET priorities,” Mr Barron said.

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