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This is an opportunity for all apprentice employers in Australia to get involved in their own way to promote their support and engagement with Australian Apprenticeships. A simple way you may like to observe NAWA is to share a good news story on social media this week of an apprentice doing well through your GTO’s support.

“Give a Shout” is the social media element proposed by MIGAS, encouraging apprentices and employers to get involved in NAWA in three ways:

1. Give an apprentice or trainee at your workplace a shout-out. Whether it’s a toolbox talk or pre-start huddle, point out their efforts. Good old-fashioned encouragement goes a very long way.
2. Shout them a coldie or coffee at knock-off. Make time for a chat to share some of your experiences or advice about the job over a brew. It helps them feel part of the team, happier and perform better.
3. Get loud about tradie mental health by wearing your Trademutt shirt.

(MIGAS is a supporter of Trademutt and TIACS to provide mental health support to apprentices at the start of their working life.  This promotes wearing brightly coloured PPE to show support for apprentice wellbeing.)